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Loaf boy Episode 1: Mental

The first single off of the new project LOAF BOY. New Singles weekly! Check the music page for more.

Woe. ft t chandy

behind the single & the upcoming album

Roland's New Single WOE. ft. T Chandy Hits Online Stores January 4th, 2019!

Roland has been in the studio working tirelessy ever since the release of his most recent project, ODD. He has been cooking up a new type of music that he discribes as "Alternative Hip-hop". This new pocket of the world's favourite genre is paving the way for abstract creativity within the industry. 

However, this new single is only the beginning. Roland has a new project entitled LOAF BOY. that will be hitting streaming services starting on February 1st, 2019 and will be a full concept album. The storyline follows the Loaf Boy, a character of Roland's creation, through the trials of his everyday life and finding himself in this ever-changing world.

The album will be released one song at a time, with a cutscene accompanying every single to help guide the listener through the world of the Loaf Boy. Each scene tells a part of the story, and if you want to hear it all, you'll have to stay tuned to the releases as the come out week by week. 

Pre-order for LOAF BOY. will be available in the new year. But, to stay up to date with everything involving the new project, be sure to follow Roland on Instagram @rolandtheprince

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Get Ready For ODD.

Roland's Upcoming Album, ODD.

Roland is preparing to release what he calls a “musical experience”, with his upcoming album ODD. Although we want to keep the details of this album a secret until it drops, here’s what info we can give you about this 'experience'. 

Roland prides himself in his creativity and his ability to manipulate sound. This ear for sound design, mixed with his piano skills, vocals, lyricism, and flow makes for some extremely interesting new feelings in his music. Roland is very proud of the fact that ODD. is not a hip-hop album. He says that the album will be listed as alternative instead of hip-hop, because it doesn’t feel like hip-hop. It feels like something completely new. 

The album features production from many producers from Roland’s home town of Ottawa, Canada. Names such as Macsaproducer, Storeybook Productions, Ricki the Loaf Boy, and Mr. Prince himself, are all listed as the creators of the sounds of this experience. Roland has worked closely with his team in order to fine tune his sound to exactly what he wants, and the result is sure to be something to behold.

This fresh take on urban music that Roland provides just might be what this industry needs to push forward. 

If you are ready to experience what Roland Prince has been cooking up in the studio, be sure to follow him on all social medias (@rolandtheprince) to stay up to date with the album release.



Photo shot by Alex McGale of Woodboys Productions.

Who's Roland Prince?

Inspired by his Odd and creative mind, Roland Prince brings unique sound design and creation of a whole new world to his music. Roland prides himself in how his music is very different from anybody else that you hear in music today, especially in the hip-hop world. Being an ear taught pianist, professionally trained audio engineer, producer, rapper, songwriter, and vocalist Roland not only has the creative mind to innovate in his genre, but also has the skills to back it up. 

The Tennessee born, Ottawa raised musician began his musical career as soon as he could reach the piano. Roland would spend hours watching and listening to his grandma as she tickled the ivories. Fascinated by the sound of the piano and what button made what sound, Roland decided to give this a try. For years he would sit behind the piano and from memory alone, piece together the songs his grandma would play to him. Eventually his skills got to a point where his grandmother and his mother sat down and decided to put him in lessons. 

Roland quickly rebelled against learning theory and the formal side of music and was strictly focussed on music having a feeling rather than note. His thoughts behind this are “When you can feel the music but not know what it is that’s OK. People are just scared of things they can’t name. I’m not”. Roland’s loose and creative attitude towards music is definitely a driving factor behind why he is an innovator. Questioning authority is what creates innovation in this world today, and he is a pioneer. 

Roland is now in the process of creating his debut album ODD. This album will be released on July 15th, 2018 (his birthday and the 2 year anniversary of the death of the original Roland Prince) and feature Roland’s most creative work yet. With influences from R&B, jazz, old school hip-hop, and even classical music, this album is sure to be something very special. Within Roland’s work is something for everybody to relate to, and whether that be the feeling of social isolation, not being understood, or even just wanting to have fun, there’s something for all in the discography of the Prince.